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Hi Captain,

Anime Pirates is Free Games Online based on Best Manga in World “One Piece! Not only that Anime Pirates is a browser games, so we can play this game using any browser. We can find luffy, zoro, sanji and all strawhat pirates crew in this game! So….!!! Are you fans of One Piece? Are you looking funny games? What are you waiting? Let’s join us in #1 One Piece Free Online Games!!!

This month we have maintenance for Update Version, as long as we Maintenance we will closed server.

Update Start
26th January 2016

For more details what’s new on this Update, please check on the below.

New Shura Crew Rayleigh

How to get this crew :

Vice Captain
Vice Captain Sailing Dairy
This item can get from Devil Tree Shop with 30.000 Points and Min Level 125

dark king
Dark King Keepsake
This item can get randomly from Battlefield and Gold Consumption Event

Haki Master Manual
This item can get from Prison Break Event

New Haki Killer

Killer Haki

Big Mom (Get from Roll)
big mom

Pekoms (Get from Devil Fruit Shop)

New Adventure to show the stronger Pirates in the World!

• Ice Lands Biscuit Room •
Ice land

• R Building 1st Floor •
R building

• All Crew can bring Elf
• Separated Tittle (Used different tittle with different effect)
• King of Battle Chamption Feature
• Strong World Formation Saved
• Drop Difficulty Battlefield Mermaid Bay – Building B
• Increase Extend Time of Mine
• Fix Problem Bloody Battle
• New Fusion Fruit 7 Star
• New Item Donate for Devil Tree


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