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[ Guide ] Make Your Prodigy ID to play!


Originally Anime Pirates is a Facebook game, however in order to provide easier and much efficient way to play for our loyal captains, we are now in the middle of converting Anime Pirates from Facebook Game to Website Game.The conversion itself would not affect the existing character, while new user will be introduce to play Anime Pirates from website. Kindly take note for Facebook existing user that used to play from Facebook will still be able to play using Facebook login feature that we provide (no changes occur)

Hereby is some information that you need to know before you proceed on.

Step 1

Go to http://anime.playwebgame.com/, then click “Start Game

Click Start Game

Step 2

Click “Facebook Button” on the right side

Click Button Facebook

Step 3

You will directly sent to facebook to reconfirm

Confirmation First

Step 4

If you don’t have a Prodigy ID, the system will automatically send you to the new page to register a new Prodigy ID.

(On this step, ensure that have a Facebook Connected Icon on the bottom, so means, your Character ID Facebook = Character ID Prodigy)

Jika belum mempunyai ID Prodigy pada Account Facebook

Step 5

After you register, you don’t need to validate your email. You will directly sent to the “Choose Server” Page.

Direct ke Page Pilih Server Setelah Register

Step 6

Now, you can start to play! Have Fun and Happy Sailing, Captain :D

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