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World Boss

Every day in Anime Pirates, every powerful and courageous pirates have the opportunity to fight with two World Bosses during a limited time frame. World Bosses have strong attacks and defeating it is not an easy feat, the pirates must have a solid crew and an appropriate strategic formation.

There are 2 types of World Bosses in Anime Pirates:

1. Punk DragonĀ 
2. KrakenĀ 

world bos



Encourage Information & Resurrection Time

Encourage = Favor Boost / Gold Boost
When engaging with the World Boss, Favor Boost/Gold Boost can be used by pirates to increase their attack damage
1. Favor Boost has a chance to fail, however if it is successful then it will apply an increased attack.
2. Gold Boost have a 100% success rate for increased attack. Both Favor and Gold Boosts have the same effect.
3. If Encourage is successful, pirates will get 1 point increase in attack, but should they fail then nothing is changed. The maximum boost is +10.

After pirates finished the battle with a World Boss, they will enter a cooling down state and begin its Resurrection timer. After the countdown ends, pirates can choose to attack the World Boss again.

There are two ways for you to reduce the Resurrection timer:
1. Click the icon next to the cooldown time to reduce time by 30 seconds.
2. Players who have reached VIP level 6 will have access to the “Fast Resurrection” feature.

World Boss Reward
1. Participating pirates will receive Berry, Fame and Favor rewards if they engaged the World Boss.
2. After defeating either of the World Bosses, the top three rated players will get more Berry, Fame and Favor as rewards. The last player to last hit and kill the World Boss gets additional rewards.
3. When a World Boss dies, participants will receive rewards according to the damage dealt to the World Boss, the greater the damage dealt to the World Boss and the pirate that performs the last hit kill, the more rewards will be obtained.

If pirates participate in the World Boss event, the 1st – 3rd place ranking of pirates dealing the most damage have the chance (random) to get the a fragment of the World Boss. However, if a pirate can last hit kill the World Boss, he/she will get a 100% chance of getting the fragment of the World Boss.

Collect 3 fragments of Punk Dragon to acquire a Punk Dragon as a Pet as seen in the Display Picture:

Collect 3 fragments of Kraken to acquire a Small Kraken Pet as seen in the Display Picture: