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Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

When the Treasure Hunt feature becomes available, pirates can click on it to access the Treasure Hunt feature of Anime Pirates. Choose the treasure maps available and start hunting for treasures! More maps will be unlocked as pirates progress further through the game.

During the Treasure Hunt, pirates can get Berry, Favor and Equipment Rewards. By enabling Advanced Treasure Map, pirates will have the chance to get an item with a higher level of quality. When sailing in a treasure hunt, you can rob the Main Ship of other pirates to get Berry and Favor. And of course, the direction of your Main Ship along with the return trip is visible to other pirates as well and therefore leaving you vulnerable to robbery attempts from other pirates, who may or may not be participating in the Treasure Hunt. (Players who are robbed during the Treasure Hunt will lose part of his/her rewards to the robber)

Treasure hunt is divided into two categories, the “Wild Treasure Map” and “Sea Treasure Map”.
Only one treasure hunt can be refreshed when choosing either one of the treasure maps. “Wild Treasure Map” will get you Headgear Equipment rewards, while the “Sea Treasure Map” will get you Cloak Equipment rewards.

Cool Down Time
Participating in a Treasure Hunt takes some time to accomplish, however the cooldown associated with the sailing to and from for the hunt can be refreshed by using Gold.

Treasure Map Refresh
Every time you have an opportunity to refresh the Treasure map to unlock Treasure Maps that are still locked, every time you refresh it will reduce your daily refresh limit. You can however, use Gold for additional refreshes beyond the daily refresh limit.

With the VIP feature, you will have the opportunity to access higher level Treasure Maps without having to use the refresh feature of the Treasure Map to unlock different Treasure Maps.

Treasure Hunt Robbery

Prior to performing the Treasure Hunt, pirates can first choose to rob before giving the opportunity to other players when participating in it. If the robbery is successful, the system will automatically send an in game mail informing the list of losses incurred and also provide a link to view the Treasure Hunt battle report.