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Anime Pirates Tournament

The Anime Pirates tournament is considered the biggest competition in the Grand Line, where participating pirates will fight each other to determine who is the greatest and strongest on the seas.

087 → Click this icon to open Event List

Pirates can participate in the Anime Pirates Tournament by selecting the event as shown below and enter the Tournament by clicking on the Button “Participate”.

Every day, participating pirates will be divided into 2 groups that will fight each other to compete in the Tournament Championship.

Pirates can register to participate in the Anime Pirates Tournament every day in the morning to compete in the Anime Pirates Tournament.


The Anime Pirates Tournament will be divided into several rounds consisting of Top 32, Top 8, Top 4, and eventually will bring together two of the strongest pirates in the final round, Before every battle pirates will be able to change their battle formation / crew members. Pirates who lost will be removed from the table and cannot attend the next round.

So are you ready to become the next Pirate King!?