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Thriller Bark

After watching Brook leave and seeing the prospects for an adventure, Luffy decides that he wants to explore Thriller Bark. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew only wishes to escape their entrapment, Robin then explains to everyone in the crew that they are being confined within a large wall, which surrounds the entire island. Having realized their current situation, both Nami and Chopper loses hope and claims to have been struck with Usopp’s recurring “Can’t-get-on-this-island disease”. Luffy on the contrary appears to be more than ever ready to go on, and took with him a net and a box as he prepares to catch whatever catches his attention and interest. Despite Usopp’s best efforts to dissuade the captain, Luffy becomes ever more enthusiastic with the prospect of recruiting Brook as a crew member. Robin and Franky decides to join him as well.

Franky suggests that they try out the Soldier Dock system while they decide what to do, while claiming consequently that they would need a smaller ship to reach the shores. While activating the mechanism needed for the recommended system, Franky reveals a Going Merry-themed paddle boat named Mini Merry II. Usopp, Nami and Chopper immediately jumps in to test it out, and makes their way towards the shore. While Franky is explaining the Soldier Dock system in detail to the remaining crew aboard the Thousand Sunny, they are suddenly attacked by an invisible beast. After making fools out of Luffy, Franky, Sanji and Zoro, the beast suddenly advances towards Robin who attempted to resist its charge using her Hana Hana powers, but she was disturbingly licked by this unknown invisible menace. The unseen enemy then flees as the Thousand Sunny begins to be pulled closer to the island.

Here are the list of the enemy that you will face in Thriller Bark!

Cerberus & Hildon


Cerberus, Cindry, and Hogback


Risky Brother, Inuppe, Jigoro, Lola, and Absalom


Inuppe, Tararan, Jigoro, and Ryuma