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Sailing would be one of your first alternatives for attaining Berry and even Gold if you are lucky. Every day, pirates are given 10 chances to sail into the seas!



At the left side of the game interface, you should be able to your sailing’s cooldown duration.
Want more income from sailing? Upgrade the relevant rooms in your Main Ship and all you really need to do is stay put and wait! The following rooms affect your sailing income:

◘ Sailor Room
◘ Captain Room
◘ Trade Room

Sail Interface – Open Reward:

open rewards

One can get lucky when choosing to sail as there are opportunities to run into random events while sailing through the open seas, which will appear in the Open Reward column directly below the Sail interface. You will be asked to choose an answer that will determine your reward, which could be in the form of Berry, Favor, Fame, Gold or even a combination if you are really lucky indeed!