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PVP Arena System

 PVP Arena System

Are you strong Pirates? Prove that you are the strongest by competing in the arena to get a title for the number one pirate in Anime Pirates.

As a candidate for the future Pirate King, you should first evaluate your strength level against other pirates before engaging them in the arena. This PVP feature can be done within PVP Arena System and pirates can see theirs or their group’s rank every day.

 ← Click this icon when it becomes available to enter PVP Arena

You will then be redirected to the display below

1. In the PVP Arena System, you can see a list of players with their ranks, and you can duel with other players by choosing either of the 5 available pirates through the PVP Arena System’s main interface. If you defeated the other player, you will receive Fame and Favor, if you lose the battle however, you will still receive Fame and Favor albeit in reduced amounts.

2. If you successfully defeated a player who has been ranked in PVP Arena, then the player’s current rank will immediately be yours.

3. The longer you can maintain your rank, the more rewards you are able to receive.

4. You will receive rewards in the form of either Berry, Favor, and Fame according to your rank every 72 hours.