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PlayWebGame (PWG) ID

Hi Captain!!

Here is the guide for you all who want to make PlayWebGame ID (PWG). It’s very easy, just following the step on below and it’s done!

*Note: You only can top up via PWG Payment using your PWG ID..

Step 1:
You have 2 options to Register PWG ID.

First Option:
When you click play now, the box will pop-up, and click the “REGISTER” button.

Second Option:
Click the “REGISTER” button on our website page.

Step 2:
You need to fill the Register Form to make PWG ID (Make sure your email is active)
Form Register

Step 3:
After, you fill the form and the process is success. You will sent directly to “Choose Server “Page. (You don’t need to do an email verification)

Step 4:
Choose your server and happy sailing, Captain ~