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As one of the potential candidates to become the next Pirate King, you can conquer other pirates to become your crew’s slave. You can direct orders to your slave, attack the port of other pirates’ camps, take control of resources, etc. Additionally, you can also get Favor and other rewards depending upon your action.

 → Click the anchor icon on the right screen to enter a Port

Choose the port you wish to observe and click “View” to go harbor screen.

At the harbor, you can choose your own pirate ship with the red arrow on it, or other ships and then there will be a pop up menu where you can make your next selection. You can enter your Main Ship from here as well if you chose to click your ship.

The menu provides information about the pirate, including the Master (if they or you are a slave to someone) and their Guild Information. There are three choices you can make from the menu, depending on who you selected.

If you chose your Main ship, you can choose to either select “Enter” to access the Main Ship Interface, “Slave” to access the Slave menu where you can order them to work (if you have enslaved anyone) according to your will, or “Message” to change your crew’s description that can be read by other pirates.

Other Players Information

In the harbor screen, selecting other pirate’s ship will show the player’s interface menu:

1. Click “Write” to send a message to the pirate.
2. Click “Conquer” to go to the Battle interface. Winning the battle will enslave the pirate.
3. Click “Order” to select the dishes that are available from the other pirate and then click the “Order” button to earn Berry. The higher the levels of the selected dish, the greater the amount of Berry that can be earned.

Harbor Attack

 → Click the Icon to enter your Faction’s port or the port of other Factions. Click on other pirates’ Main Ship from the different Faction to access the menu below:

Click “Attack” to attack other pirates. If you win the battle, you will receive Fame as a reward.

If there’s “Shield”  icon on other pirates’ ship or on your ship, it means that their ship cannot be attacked, and vice versa.