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Pet System

Pet System

In Anime Pirates, pirates can acquire many Pets through the completion of quests or by defeating World Bosses, however the latter has much lesser chance of success. Pet can be used to add attributes for the entire crew in the battlefield.

There are many different variety of Pets in Anime Pirates, and each has its own unique attributes.

One Piece Online Games   016 New Updates 30th July 2013 → Click this icon on the bottom of your game screen to access the Pets Island.

One Piece Online Games   112 New Updates 30th July 2013

Using a Pet

Choose a Pet that you want to use, and then click “Use” after selecting the pet, the option will show on the menu that will appear at the bottom of the game screen. Once chosen to use the pet, it will follow your character in the game.

Pet Training

Click on the icon of the Pet that you wish to train and choose Training and pet training will take place. You can also use either Favor or Gold coin for to Accelerate the process, which obviously speeds up the pet’s training.

Pet Skills

1. Pets have different skills and Pet skills are divided into two types, Ordinary skills and Gifted skills. Ordinary skills upgrade are acquired through the “Learn” option. Gifted skills are possessed only by some Pet and cannot be upgraded.
2. After levelling up, your pet will also receive skill points. Click on the “Learn” to learn the skills, and can acquire new skills or improve existing skills.