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Orange Equipment

As competition in the world of Anime Pirates becomes increasingly competitive, we developed a new feature which is an advanced part of All Blue. With this feature, pirates can increase the strength of their equipment from 6 Stars (Purple) to 7 Stars (Orange). In order to improve their equipments, pirates need materials that they can find in the All Blue and also from some enemies. Berry and Soul however, is still required as well as other materials for the upgrade.

Feature Requirements
• Requires Purple equipment as the main ingredient.
• Require materials such as, Crystal, Agate, Coral, Stone, and/or Pearl, etc
• Requires both Berry & Soul

Feature Description
•    Can enhance level 75 equipments
•    Original equipment will transformed into the new equipment
•    All stats from the original equipment will be transferred to the new equipment
•    Gems from the original equipment is also transfered to the new equipment
•    Enhancement levels will be also be acquired by the new equipment

How to Enchant?

 Click this icon to upgrade to an Orange Equipment. Pirates should enter and collect the materials that is needed from All Blue and the Battlefield.

> All Blue

> Battlefield
You can get the materials by defeating the enemies on the battlefield. Start from the Lower Justice Battlefield to the next.


These are the materials that you can collect:
1. Copper

2. Iron

3. Silver

4. Gold


 Click this Icon to begin the Enhance Orange Weapon process after collecting the materials needed. Choose the equipment and click start to proceed with the enchant. Below is the interface:


Set Enhance Equipment
The formula for Orange Equipments are collected from 4 sets of materials. Below are the example of the formula:

Lv75 Formula ccc

Lv80 Formula


Lv85 Formula

Lv90 Formula


Lv 120 Formula

Orange 1

Orange 2

Orange 3