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Mount System

Mount System

Bored with your pet? Now Anime Pirates will update new feature – Mount! You can using this mount in the city and mount will give you additional status too!
You can get one from Dig Treasure Event.


Mount Decorative Equipment

How to open Mount Decorate interface? Check this out!

A. Click on Decorate Tab, check image below.

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20141105173540

B. The Decorate Interface will be appears, check image below.

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Here is the explanation about the function of Decorate Mount:

1. Equip

You can use mount equipment into your pet to get Bonus Attribute, some of Special Event and Battlefield will drop this equipment.

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2. Enchance

You can enhance your mount equipment using this feature, check image below…

QQ Photo20141105173359

3. Refine

You can get Optional Attribute from this Mount Equipment, by using this Refine feature you can add more Optional Status into your Mount Equipment! Interesting? ^^

QQ Photo20141105173359