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Mining Resource

Mining Resource

This is a feature in Anime Pirates that allows pirates to obtain Berry from Mining Resource. Here pirates can occupy an empty resource Mine or seize the resource Mine of other pirates.


Click Mine icons on the Mining Resource screen to see the detail.

Every mining resource has differing resource income. From the Mine Resource interface, you can view the details of the Mine Resource, along with the information on who is occupying the Mine Resource, And the remaining time on the pirate’s occupation.

1. Click “Occupy” to enter the battle interface and fight against the Mine Resource’s guards or pirate crew (if occupied). If you win the battle, then the Mine Resource will be yours and when the occupy time ends, you will get some Berry as income.

2. You are free to occupy any Mine Resources, but the resources that already belonged to you can be occupied and taken by other pirates as well. There is 10 minutes grace period after you occupy the Mine Resource. Within the grace period, your Mine Resource cannot be attacked by other pirates.