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Main Ship Function

Main Ship Function

In Anime Pirates, there are technical features of the ship that can be upgraded for additional benefits. One of them are the functions of the Main Ship.

Pirates are able to acquire their Main Ship at level 10.

Additionally, the availability of upgrades to the technical features of the Main Ship depends on the level of your character.

 ← Click the icon on the top right corner of the game to access the Main Ship display menu.

Main Ship Features:


The Master Room is where the pirate as the Captain can command his/her ship to sail and also enslave other pirates, which is gained by attacking and successfully defeating other pirates. Aboard your Main Ship and sail to earn Berry, and there is also an opportunity to gain Favor, Gold Coins, Experience and other rewards. For example, with enslavement, the enslaved pirate can earn you additional Berry Rewards by ordering them to work. The enslaved pirate in turn also receives some Berry in return as well. Upgrading the level of the Master Room incrementally increases the amount of Berry obtained after sailing.

Berry is used to upgrade rooms. However, upgrading Sailor Rooms increases Berry gained from sailing. There can be a maximum of three (3) Sailor Rooms in the Main Ship that can be upgraded.

The kitchen room allows pirates to prepare a variety of dishes, which can be sold in exchange for Berry. Pirates can also access the order information page from here to complete a variety of daily orders that provides opportunities to earn additional Berry. Orders are available twice daily.

In the training room, pirates can train his/her crew to increase their ability to gain level more quickly. Upgrading the Training Room can also improve the amount of experience gained while training.

The Pet Room is where pirates can train his/her pet. Upgrading the Pet Room increases the limit of experience your pet gains during training.

The Research Room is where pirates can upgrade the skills of their main character. Upgrades to the Research Room increases the level of skills’ limit in accordance to the level of the Research Room.

The Medical Room is where pirates can increase the Life Points available for engaging NPCs on the Battlefield.

The Gold Room is the treasure room. Once available and upgraded, the probability of gaining gold increases according to the level of upgrade.