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Main Characters

Main Characters



The Summoner is a little girl that comes from a coastal village. When she was 13 years old, together with her brother they both opened an equipment store for the adventurous. The store was named the “Ocean Blue Star”. One day they discovered a Devil Fruit, which her brother accidentally ate and turned him into a Teddy Bear form. In order to turn back her brother back into human, she decided to join the great adventures of Anime Pirates.



The Archer is a beautiful girl who originated from Sky Island. Her favourite pastime is to collect special items that are scattered throughout the world, which made her join the great adventure of Anime Pirates in the first place. Sailing towards the horizon, the endless ocean indulges her hobby of collecting items and she made it her priority in the adventure. Her dream is to find all the special items throughout the world, and a great adventure awaits her.

Sword Women


The Sword Woman is a former Marine Rear Admiral, She is very tough and her extraordinary ability sometimes made others envy her. During a battle between Marines against pirates, she was framed by someone secretly ordered from her superiors. This turn of event immediately made her a fugitive of the World Government. In order for her to find the mastermind that got her into her situation, she decides to conduct a personal investigation through the great adventure of Anime Pirates.



The Warrior is a young boy who lives in a desert island environment, which is originally home to his native tribe that is not familiar with the ocean. Tribes on that island rarely communicate with the outside world. This in turn led to the decline of the economy in his Tribe. The young Warrior becomes very worried and consulted with the tribal elders. He was told that if he could find the legendary Treasure Ship, the island where his Tribe is will grow and be economically productive like it was before. This made the young Warrior determined to seek the Treasure Ship in the world of Anime Pirates.



The Magician is a very mysterious and elegant man. He does not want other people to know about the problems that he is facing. As a native from Arabasta, the Magician is very intelligent and plays music well. In order to discover his personal identity and also to solve his mysterious problems, the prodigal musician Magician brought along his lovely bird, whom he named Luojia to sail in the great adventure of Anime Pirates.



The gunner is a Sniper who is also a genius in gun combat, this man has an eternal rival in his life that he could not yet defeat. Every day he practices shooting until one day, a mighty duel humiliated himself because he lost to his rival. This drove the Sniper to leave home to practice and to achieve his ultimate goal, that is to beat those he considers as his rivals. “I hope you are still alive, at least until the day when my bullets enters your body, because only me, and me alone who can end your life”, he shouted out his thoughts out loud before starting this long adventure.

In the Crew Information display, you can find variety of features to manage your character directly.
Example: Gifts, Pets, Develop and Equipment Items.

Crew interface

Gifts → To Increase your Charm level
Pets → To Increase your Pet level and learn Pet skills
Develop → To Increase your Main Character’s stats and learn a new Skill
Equipment Items → List of equipments that you can equip your character