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The in game mail system notifies you of activities and happenings, such as messages from other players, results from the arena and game system information.


You can access the in game mail interface by clicking the button that is illustrated as an envelope on the top right corner of your game screen.


Within the mail interface, you can check out occurrences and information that are relevant to you about Tournaments, World Boss, Orders, Slaves, etc

List Inbox

Inbox: All in-game notifications.
Players: Messages from other players within the game.
Results: Information about battles and challenges initiated by other players towards you and your crew.
System: Messages from the System.
Info System: Notification related to in game activities.

List menu mail


If you receive a game prize item that is sent via in game mail, you will have to click the item in the mail, followed by clicking “Receive”. Another method is to just click “Get All” and it will automatically retrieve all the contents of the mail. The item(s) will then be immediately transferred into your bags respectively.

get all mail