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How To Get Berry


Berry is the main currency in Anime Pirates and can be used for various activities such as gem exploration, equipment upgrades, crew training and ship upgrades. Aside from treasures which can be considered priceless at times, pirates, also has a personal bond with currency.

Here are the ways you can earn berry!

The Main Ship: Master room, Sailor room and Kitchen

When pirates acquire their Main Ship, they can start by making the deck comfortable and upgrading the Master and Sailor room – then you can go to the Kitchen to cook some glorious food that can earn you Berry!


The Master and Sailor Room will increase the revenues you receive from sailing every day, so it is definitely a good method to start on becoming a Berry billionaire. Do you also know that if you are lucky, you may get additional amounts of Berry, Fame, Favor and Gold from the random sailing events you encounter when sailing?


If you have upgraded your Main Ship, you will be able to access the kitchen and cook food that can be sold for Berry. Invest in your kitchen and put your pirate chef caps on – you may even get rich in no time by honing your culinary skills!

Kitchen 1


At the port, pirates can place food orders for other pirate’s kitchens. Both buyer and supplier will be receiving Berry in this instance. For example, if you order from a pirate that is of a higher level than you, you will get even more Berry!




In addition to placing orders at the Port, pirates can also try conquering other pirates and enslave them after defeating them. Order your slaves around. Be mean, or be nice and play games with them – you can make them do activities up to twice daily. The number of slaves you can have under you is however dependent on your level.



Click the “Mine” button on the top right corner of the game interface and it will bring you to mining area map. Here, pirates can sabotage other pirates’ mines by defeating them and claiming the mine, or you can just find an unoccupied mine to occupy. Mining will provide pirates with a passive and steady income that is dependent to your mines’ production quality and also the amount of time you have invested in your mines.



◘ Roll Crew

You also have the opportunity to “Roll Crew” by choosing “Talk” instead of “Tavern” as the conventional recruiting method at the Bar. This feature allows you to get crews randomly instead of the available ones at the Tavern, you have chances of getting Berry, Fame, Favor, Gold and Crew members!




Don’t forget to claim your daily salary! The higher your achievements, grade, the more salary you get as you become more notorious in the pirate community!




Complete your progress on each battlefield and receive rewards for your accomplishment. The higher level the battlefield, the better the rewards!

Receive Reward

World Boss

Participate in defeating world bosses and if you make it to the top charts, many rewards await you! Pirates can even obtain pets from defeating them!




Punk Dragon


Every pirate have 5 opportunities daily to try out the dungeons and finish it. Clear the dungeon and be rewarded! Access the available dungeons based on your level from the Event icon on the top of your screen.


> Daily Task

Try to finish your daily pirate tasks every day and get to the highest points possible to increase the amount of rewards you receive!



> Treasure Hunt

Pirates are given daily opportunities to perform treasure hunt and look for exclusive goods. Different maps will have different items available for grabs, and the treasures pirates obtain is purely random. If you do not get what you want, do not worry – you can rob the Main Ship of another pirate while they are on their own treasure hunt and gain not only their Berry, but also Fame!



> Tournament

Tournament is a feature in Anime Pirates for the pirate community to show off their strength. Be the strongest and get to the top rank to get rewards such as Berry and Gold.

Pirates who have not been able to follow the tournament can utilize the “Cheer” feature to support their favourite in order to get Berry as well.


ComptetitionCheer tournament rewards

> Arena

Prove that you are the best pirate in the Arenas! The higher your ranking, so are your rewards. Do not forget that you can also progress on the Fortune Ranking which may provide you with additional rewards if you are lucky!



> Guild War

Prove the world that your Guild is the strongest. If you manage to claim a high-level mine from the Guild Resources War, all Guild members will be receiving huge amounts of Berry!



> Daily Reward & Event List

Pirates! Remind yourself to grab your daily rewards that include Berry, Favor, Fame, Vitality and Gold. Do it consecutively before it resets every 7 days! After that, you can start progressing further in the game by completing available events on your list of events, and finish off what you have to do for the day. These two activities will provide a significant Berry returns!