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New Crew Ace and Camie

Ahooy Captain!

Who wants the new crew to accompany you to have a great adventure in Anime PIrates? Of course, we do!! This is what we have been waiting for, New Legendary “Fire Fist Ace” & Camie has came, go recruit them to be your crew.

Let’s check what is the requirement to get them ~~

Fire Fist Ace

Fire Fist ACE


How to get Ace:

You need to collect honor points from pirate battlefield.

One Piece

You will get honor point after fighting in the pirates battlefield. You are able to trade it with the Rare Item which available in Honor Shop.


You need 10.000 Honor Points for Ace.

Status of Ace

Ace Update

Skill of Ace

Fire Fist: Single target hit, probability cause burning effect.
Hiken: Burn the enemy with wave of flame, cause damage to enemy lines and splash damage on sides, probability cause burning effect.

Note: You need to reach Lv. 100 to trade and use Ace.




How to get Camie:

Go to Bar


Select Fame Crew

Camie Update

You need to reach 1,000,000 Fame to recruit Camie.

Status of Camie

Camie Update1

Skill of Camie

Encourage: Give 25 Fury to all Crew.
War Song: Reduce 20 Fury of all Enemy. Probability give debuff to random enemy that reduce 25 Fury for 2 Rounds.