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Guild System

Guild System

Pirates are unlike savages who are uncivilized. As a Pirate, diplomacy should be considered as a strategy to strengthen your crew by forming alliances with other pirates who share the same goal as you do. Organize a guild together with your friends or associate with other pirates in their guild as a form of an alliance.

You can create a guild by following the guide below.

 → Click the Social icon on the bottom right section of your screen, then choose Guild →  

1. You can create and form your own guild or join an existing one
2. After forming or joining a guild, you can view the guild’s information

There is a Guild NPC in each town to facilitate access to your Guild Club, where various activities related to the Guild can be performed, including interacting with other Guild members in a private setting.

After you have a guild, you will go to Guild Room and you can interact with other guild members

Guild Party??

What is it? A Guild Party is a daily event given to the Guild Master to give fellow Guild members the opportunity to gain Vitality and Fame. Guild Party is available once/day.