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Guild Resource War

Guild Resource War

Pirates who have formed/joined a Guild are not only able to communicate or organize gatherings by interacting with other members, but can also join in Guild Resource Wars against other Guilds. This feature allows the Guild and its members to earn additional Berry. The amount earned however is dependent upon the member’s contribution to the Guild. Berry rewards from Guild Resource War will be sent via in game mail to all members of the guild that won the battle.

Guild Resource War Guide

Any pirates who is associated with a guild can access the Guild Resource War feature.

 → Click the icon on the top of the screen.

The opportunity for Guild Resource War is available twice daily at specified times.


Click the “Social” button on the bottom right of your screen, then choose “Guild”

 → Click this icon.

On the top of the Guild Club screen, select Resource War to register. Registration starts at 20:00 (GMT -8) until the next day at 19:59:59. The Resource War system automatically filters two Guilds every week with the highest points amongst the registrants to run the competition. The Guild with highest and the closest Guild Points has more chances to participate.

Below is a screenshot of the Battlefield in the Guild Resource War

Preparation Phase

There are two (2) methods of Encouragements available for aditional bonuses, which you can choose to buy with either Favor or Gold, however they are randomly allocated and has a chance of failure.

The maximum amount of Encouragement is 10.

The costs to apply Encourage is as follows:
Favor * 5 level characters, or
Every Encourage costs 5 Gold Coins

Utilizing either Favor or Gold provides chances to obtain additional bonuses prior to the battle:
Fearless: +5% Attack Rate, +5% Defense
Sword: Attack Rate +10%
Continuous War: Number of continuous win +2%
Iron Hand: Defense +10%

During the preparation phase, you are able to strategize your battle formation and the crews you would like to participate. If by any chance you exit the Battlefield, bonuses from Encourage that are already acquired will not disappear. As soon as the battle begins after the allocated time limit for preparation, pirates will automatically be directed to the Guild Resource War interface. The winner of the Guild Resource War is determined by the number of remaining surviving guild members in comparison with the rival Guild.