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Gem Introduction

Gem Introduction

There is another method for strengthening your equipments pirate! You can use the Gem Explore feature in the world of Anime Pirates for a chance to acquire high quality gems to fuse with your equipments.

In Each city you can find the NPC Laki “Gem Explore” as shown below:

..or   → Click this icon and then choose explore

Pirates can see 5 locations that they can explore in the display below. Choose a location on the left for a chance to obtain a random gem. Pirates also have the opportunity to open the next location to obtain a better quality gem (cannot directly open the next location without starting from the first or if you wish, you can use gold to unlock advanced locations). Gems obtained from the explore will appear at the Gems table above the selection of explorable locations, and pirates can take the gems manually by Picking gems one by one, and all at once by selecting “One Click Pick Up” to make it easier, or if selling is preferable then it is possible to Sell the gems individually one by one from the Gems table. The Gem Explore feature uses Berry to explore locations before having the opportunity to acquire Gems randomly.

gem explore

Gems can be used to strengthen equipments, each Gem has different attribute values and any Gems can only be used with appropriate equipment.

Low-level gems can be combined with better quality gems, these two gems will then be fused to produce a new gem with improved attributes.

Fusion Gem Interface