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Game Interface





1 Character Bar Displays the status of the main character, Berry, Favor, Fame, Gold, Vitality, Life Points, and Level.
2 Town Status Displays a list of the tasks that can be completed in 1 day.
3 Chat Display Displays Chat message and character action message, including the completed quest, the received item, and the battle message.
4 Chat Box Chat Box for interaction with other pirates.
5 Game Menu Character and crew info (CREW) – Item (BAG) – Formation (FORM)- Enhance (ENCH)- Research (RSCH)- Quest (TASK)- Info guild, rank and friends (SOCIAL)- Team battle (TEAM),- Character reward and achievements (INFO),- Accelerate Experience (EXP).
6 Quest list Displays the current and available quest.
7 Orb menu Displays the external interface: World-Harbor-Resources-Hide-Help-Mail
8 Daily Menu Displays the additional tasks such as: Daily-Resource War-Reward-Activity-Task Day-Treasure Hunt-Production-Arena