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Equipment Additional Attribute (Potential Status)

Equipment Additional Attribute

Pirates who have reached the city of Skypiea, will automatically be able to access the Additional Attribute System. With this system, pirates can optimize the Potential that exists in their Equipment. Potential is an additional characteristic in addition to the equipment’s main attribute. The higher the Potential an equipment has, a more efficient scope of optimization can be achieved.

 → Click NPC that has this icon to open the Additional Equipment Attribute.

Additional attributes divided into two parts

Random Additional Attribute: This type of attribute will add a new Potential and replace the existing Potential status. You can select to either use Berry or Gold to seek the new Potential by clicking “Add”. An arrow will then appear to indicate the new Potential which can be higher or lower from the existing one. You can choose “Replace” or click “Add” button again to generate a new Potential if you are not satisfied with the current one. Take for example, the number of Potentials: different equipments are equipped with different number of Potentials. As illustrated in the picture above, the Justice Hammer currently has 3 Potentials. The number of the Potential attributes that can be improved is capped in accordance to the number of existing Potentials.

Direct Additional Attribute: It does not change the Potential of the equipment, but only changes the Potential’s values.

Transfer: This feature directly transfers the Potential attributes from a lower level to a higher level equipment.

Every additional Potential types will provide an additional effect for different Potentials, the higher the additional Potential attribute, the better the equipment will be.