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Enhancement Systems

Better equipments make your fight against powerful enemies easier, therefore it is crucial for pirates to equip themselves and crew members with optimum equipments. With the Enhancement Systems in Anime Pirates, pirates can optimize their current equipment by performing Enhancements on them. Higher equipment stats is imminent after successful Enhancements have been applied and will considerably affect the strength of your crew.

How to perform Enhancements:
 → Click this icon or you can find the Shortcut on the left of the game screen to open Enhance Equipment interface illustrated on the right .

In the Enhance Equipment interface, select one of the crew or click the bag, select the equipment to be enhanced and click “Enhance” to proceed with the Enhance Equipment process.

Status Enhance

Enhancement Conditions

Enhance Equipment cooldown time will increase 1 minute each time you perform an Enhancement, if the cooldown time has reached 10 minutes, Enhancement cannot continue further, or if the level of enhancement equals the level of the pirate.

The following are the conditions for the Enhancement System:

The success rate of Enhancing Equipment changes every 30 minutes.
The process of Enhancing Equipments requires Berry, the higher the next level of the Enhancement, the more Berry is needed to Enhance the equipment.
The maximum enhance level is equal to your pirate’s character level.
After a successful Enhance, the attributes of the equipment will increase, the higher the Enhancement level, there will be more attributes increased.

Enhanced equipment increases the selling price of the equipment according to the current level of the Enhancement.