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Daily Task

Daily Tasks

Pirates that do not have sufficient Berry or Gold should not worry, because there are Daily Tasks every day, where there are opportunities to obtain a free necklace, Berry and Gold.

 → Click Daily Task icon on the top right of the game screen

Task Objective

Pirates can complete many tasks from the Daily Task interface. And by completing the Tasks’ objectives, you can also get extra reward points. Continuing to complete from one task to another, both Tasks and Reward Points will be increased as well. In order to complete the Task target, pirates do not have to follow the sequence to undergo and complete it. Pirates are free to do the tasks’ target randomly.

Acceptable Task

Pirates can choose five types of tasks that can be completed daily. If there are no tasks that you are interested in, you have 1 opportunity to refresh the list of Acceptable Tasks. Should a pirate still wishes to refresh after that, he/she will have to refresh using Gold. Acceptable Tasks are divided into three levels, they are divided according the number of completion, from 1 time to 3 times. Tasks with the most completion will generate the highest rewards points.

It is very recommended that pirates complete Daily Tasks first before working on anything else. The Daily Task icon can be found on the upper right of side of the game screen.

Task Rewards

Within the Task Rewards column, the left side illustrates the progress on the bar, and on the right side of the bar are the Reward Points. The higher the reward point gets, the better the reward that can be claimed. When a pirate reaches a certain level, he/she can choose to upgrade Task Rewards to increase their Reward level and quality. And after completion of the Daily Tasks,  click Receive to claim your rewards.

You can upgrade Daily Tasks Reward only at certain levels.