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Crew Recruit

Crew Recruit

In the world of Anime Pirates, pirates are able to recruit a lot of crew members to assist you in the massive amount of conflicts that exist therein. Each prospective crew has unique ability, skills, and attributes. As a captain, you can invite a variety of crew with different capabilities and fighting styles from every city. Choosing and assembling the right crew is key to win the battles in Anime Pirates.

Crew Recruit
Enter the Bar through an NPC named Mi Rui that is available in every citiy.
Before proceedng further, there are two options available, “Tavern” and “Talks”, depending on your needs.

Tavern → For Reputation Crew to Invite
Roll Crew → For Roll Crew

Talk to Mi Rui and Choose “Tavern” or “Talks”

1. Within the Recruit Crew interface, you can view the various prospective characters that are available for you to recruit and be a part of your crew.

2. In the middle column of the interface, choose one crew that you wish to recruit, then click “Invite”, the crew that has been invited will become part your crew and can be employed to assist you in battles.

3. You can only invite a new crew if there is an empty slot in your crew roster and you have the resources required to invite the crew.