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Crew Introduction

In Anime Pirates, we’re able to recruit many formidable allies into our crew. Every character has their own unique abilities and attributes, so choose wisely! You get to decide what combination’s the best for your own crew.

You’re able to invite your crewmembers from bars that are present in every city. Be the best captain around, and lead your crew to victory by incorporating the best strategic outlook! Be sure to also consider the formations that you’ll be utilising – each of them have their very own strengths and weaknesses.

In Anime Pirates you can find the Straw Hat Crew like Monkey. D.LuffyRoronoa Zoro
and others crew that contained in the One Piece story like Shicibukai Crew, Baroque Work Crew, Marine, and many more.

»» Monkey. D.Luffy


»» Roronoa Zoro