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Battlefield System


Battlefield System

The Battle System in Anime Pirates can be considered quite unique because it uses an automated turn-based Battle System, where the character will attack according to their attack turn in each teams. The lesser attacks that you deal to your enemy and the faster you could defeat them increases the score that you will obtain after the battle.

Every Village has a portal that will teleport you into the Battlefields available for pirates to complete their tasks/quests. Beside the completion of quests, the Battlefield also provides the opportunity for pirates to obtain a variety of rewards by defeating an enemy or boss in each Battlefield. To enter the battlefield, go to the right end of the city until you find a portal illustrated below.

Pirates will then enter the Battlefield interface, where he/she could choose one among the available Battlefields either with the quests that you currently assigned or to simply engage in battles.

After entering a chosen Battlefield, click on the enemy with blue arrow above their head first to attack. The blue arrow indicates that the enemy that has not been defeated. While the yellow arrow indicator indicates that the enemy which is also your primary target to complete the quest or the Battlefield itself.

If you choose one of the enemy’s avatar by clicking on it, then you can see their Battle Formation, skill and attributes.

Click the    button to enter the Battle with your selected enemy.

Continuous Attack

Pirates can attack enemies repeatedly by pressing the “Continuous” button below from the initial Battlefield interface.

Pirates can then choose their opponent based on the quests that they have completed, the more quests a pirate has completed, the more opponent options become available in the Continuous Attack menu.

Here are some screenshot images about the Battle System in Anime Pirates.