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Battle Formation

Battle Formation Systems

In order to increase the probability in winning each battle, pirates must apply an appropriate strategy, or in other words the setup of a Battle Formation. Upgrading the battle formation allows pirates to empty a slot to add more crew members from your crew roster into the strategic Battle Formation. Strategizing the Battle Formation effectively will increase your combat effectiveness as each formation has its unique bonuses in battles. Pirates are encouraged to be creative in applying the desired and optimum Battle Formation.

 → Click this icon and you can see the Battle Formation interface.

When you reach a certain level, you can upgrade the formation to improve its bonus or add a new formation slot to be used by you and your crew. The cost of upgrading your preferred Battle Formation consumes Favor Points

There are eight (8) Battle Formation Forms that can be chosen to optimize your battle performance.

Battle Formations


Sun Formation

Increases crew’s physical attack

Earth Formation

Increasses crew’s physical defense

Dark Formation

Increases crew’s physical attack

Ice Formation

Increases crew’s physical defense

Fire Formation

Increases crew’s critical attack

Nature Formation

Increases crew’s magic attack

Wind Formation

Increase crew’s critical defense

Light Formation

Increase crew’s magic defense