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Basic Attribute

Basic Attribute

Every crew member has three different basic attributes: Strength (STR), Agility (AGI) and Intelligence (INT). Each attribute affects their individual battle abilities. Below is the full description:


 Affects Physical Attack (P.Atk) and Physical Defense (P.Def)


 Affects Critical Attack (Crit) and Critical Defense (C.Def)


 Affects Magic Attack (M.Atk) and Magic Defense (M.Def)


Every individual crew has a talent attribute as well. This talent attribute affects the battle abilities of each crew members respectively. The higher the talent points of an attribute, the better their capabilities in overcoming a battle.


Each crew has a general skill and a rage skill ability. General skills can increase the amount of Rage of the crew member,


Each crew member has the ability to execute a special skill that gives a huge damage impact. Rage skill will automatically be executed when the crew’s Rage points reaches 100 during battles.