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Basic Attribute

Basic Attribute

One Piece Online Games   char info Basic Attribute

Every crew member has three different basic attributes: Strength (STR), Agility (AGI) and Intelligence (INT). Each attribute affects their individual battle abilities. Below is the full description:

One Piece Online Games   atribut 159x300 Basic Attribute


 Affects Physical Attack (P.Atk) and Physical Defense (P.Def)


 Affects Critical Attack (Crit) and Critical Defense (C.Def)


 Affects Magic Attack (M.Atk) and Magic Defense (M.Def)


Every individual crew has a talent attribute as well. This talent attribute affects the battle abilities of each crew members respectively. The higher the talent points of an attribute, the better their capabilities in overcoming a battle.


Each crew has a general skill and a rage skill ability. General skills can increase the amount of Rage of the crew member,


Each crew member has the ability to execute a special skill that gives a huge damage impact. Rage skill will automatically be executed when the crew’s Rage points reaches 100 during battles.