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Bar System

Bar System

Ahooy Captain! Every pirate In the world of Anime Pirates know that a pirate without a crew is like a general without an army. With the Bar System pirates can recruit more crew members to help with the battles that are being waged against powerful enemies every day. Each individual crew member has their unique abilities, skill and attributes.

As a Captain, you can invite variety of crew with different capacities and combat styles through the different bars available in each city. Selecting the right crew is something that pirates should consider for the long term success within Anime Pirates.

Within the Bar Interface, you can also choose Fame Crew” from the tab selection on the top left.

The middle column lists the available crews that you can invite when you already have the reputation required to recruit them. Each crew within this category has differing reputation requirements. When you already have the required reputation required to invite a crew, select the crew and press “Invite” button at the bottom right of the column interface screen. After you invited the selected crew you wish to invite, he/she will be stored in your crew roster/list, which you can access by clicking the “Crew” icon on the bottom of the main game interface. From here, you can select the crew that you wish to have their assistance in battles.