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Background Story

It starts with the last words by Gol D. Roger just before he was executed: “You want my treasure? I will give it to you, but… You have to look for it! I’ve collected all that exists in this world and hidden it in that place!” The words of the infamous ex-Pirate King sparked the spirits of pirates around the world, and from that moment on, the pirate’s activities in this world increases exponentially as they scramble their best crew to seek the hidden treasures and claim the title of the deceased Pirate King.

The World Governments together with the Marine (Navy) strongly resists the presence of pirates and attempts to control the situations associated with the pirates’ actions around the world. There are circulating rumors claiming that there is a pirate who has the knowledge and also information about an ancient weapon that could possible lead to the destruction of the world.

And now the battle has begun, the Marine attacking the pirates, the Captain fought bravely in battles against the Marine forces and managed to escape their devastating siege. When things calmed down after sometime, they anchored their ship in a small village—Windmill. The pirate’s Vice-Captain appoints you to be the new Captain and lead the pirate crew to restore and retrieve, the legacy of the Gol D. Roger, the former Pirate King.

The adventure begins here in Anime Pirates!