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Allblue Fish

Allblue Fishing

What is Allblue Fishing??
You cultivate some fish after you catch it. The fish you catch have cooldown to growth or mature (5hours).

The fish you caught also have 2 categories.
a)Fish that raise your pet growth ( For evolution matter )
b)Fish for increase stat ( Increase all crew member stat )

How to fishing?
1) Click the all blue button on top of your bar.



2)Click on the most left tiny fish icon to start cultivate. Like in the pic below.

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20141009151623


3) Something like fish bowl will pop up like in the pic below.



4) Click on the start fishing net icon.



5) See the fish had appear. Click the Catch fish net button to catch 1 RANDOM fish on the tank.


a) Cultivate to take the Fish for you tank.

b) Double to Increasing total of Fish you catch.

c) Replace Fish to Change all Fish on the tank randomly.


6) If you don’t like the fish you caught, simply click the catch fish net button again. But it cost you gold when over 2 times. And if you like the fish you caught simply click the Cultivate or Double button.


In all blue fishing you can bless other people fish ( reduce their fish breeding time 30 minute ) and you can stole their fish also.

Heart icon = You can bless their fish ( 3 times per day)
Fork icon = You can stole their mature fish (5 times per day)



How to protect your fish from been stole??

See the bubble icon at the most left screen like in the picture below??


Simply click the bubble you want protect your fish. But needed gold.


How to take the fish ??

After the cooldown end,the bubble icon will change into little net icon. Simply click it to get the fish.


Types of Fish Allblue???


You can see the information about fish just click Help on the left.

a)Fish that raise your pet growth ( For evolution matter )

b)Fish for enhance stat ( Increase all crew member stat )

You can see the fish list and the fish ability at the Fish info icon at most left screen. So pick wisely and remember stole people fish wisely too.