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All Blue

All Blue is a mystical legendary sea, rumoured to be the only place in the world where the North, South, East, and West seas meet. In this legend of the ocean, it is said that there are fishes from each of the four seas, and to have such a diverse natural resource at one’s disposal is the ultimate dream of every chef!

Your adventure will be more fun with the new features available in this update. You will enjoy the beauty of the bottom of All Blue’s ocean and you will find treasures that can be used as a material upgrade for your equipment. To open the features, pirates must reach level 90 and complete the “Lower Justice” Battlefield scenario.

You only have an opportunity to get the material 5 times every day for each material, so do not forget, Captain!

Follow this step to get the materials:

1.  Click this button.
2. Choose one of the materials that you want to mine with your axe.
3. After mining, you will receive the materials in your bag.

Every pirate captains are given the opportunity to use Berry or Gold for the type of axes to be used:
a. Ordinary Pick Axe
Use 5050 berry for 1x mine and potentially get 3-7 materials, and also provides a chance to get advanced material.

b. Silver Pick Axe
Use 20 gold for 1x mine and get 9 materials, and also provides a chance to get advance material.

c. Gold Pick Axe
Use 50 gold for 1x mine and get 12 materials, and also provides a chance to get advance material.

The material that pirate captains acquire in this features can be used as a supplementary material for Purple Equipment to be upgraded to become Orange Equipment. These are the materials that you can collect:

1. Coral

Types of Corals that you can find:

2. Pearl

Types of Pearl that you can find:

3. Stone

Types of Stones that you can find:

4. Agate

Types of Agates that you can find:

5. Crystal

Type of Crystals that you can find:


These are the list of the materials that your findings in the All Blue can be exchanged with and converted to:

Materials Exchange:

The following are steps for exchanging and/or converting materials:
1. Click Materials Exchange button

2.Choose the materials that you would like to convert.

3. Input the total quantity of materials that you want by clicking the +/- button to increase or decrease the amount of materials. For example, each higher level material requires 10 lower level materials, so make sure that you have enough materials stock.

4. Then click “OK” to proceed and receive the new material.