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Achievement System

Anime Pirates provides a variety of features and achievement system diversity, when you finish the event along with the achievement you will get achievement points. Achievement rewards can also increase your value by 1 point or equal to 10000 Reward.

On reward interface screen, the first tab of your rewards interface screen inform you about the current amount of your Favor, Gold, Reputation, Money (Berry), while on the second tab is the total points of your achievements and your achievement completion progress.

To access this page, you just need to click the icon on the bottom right of the screen to enter the Rewards Interface screen.

 → Click this icon


If you finished your quest or battles or when you finish an achievement, it will increase your salary automatically. Click “salary” button on your reward interface screen to get a free berry.

Title System

You can give your character a title. Title can be achieved if you complete the achievement, the more achievements you received, the more title in you can get.



In achieve interface screen, you can see the title that you can get, and some achieve that you haven’t finished to get the title or reward.
If you clear a lot of achieve to get achievement you can get Supernova title and increase your salary.